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Hey you! Yeah you! Haters! Stop hating! Why? I’m about to tell you why!

You all probably groaned when you heard that U2 would be headlining Glastonbury. I guess it wasn’t really a surprise that U2 would be headlining the well known festival and let’s face it U2 and Coldplay are hardly controversial headliners.

People always complain about U2 mainly because of Bono. Yeah he’s a bit of a wally and he can go on a bit from time to time but you’ve got to remember he donates loads of money to charity and helped set up the aids charity RED. Which if you think about is pretty good. When Hurricane Katrina came along, U2 and Green Day made that massive record which helped generate a lot of money for the area. So they’re pretty much all round good guys.

Enough about them. They also make pretty amazing songs too. There’s something anthemic about their songs especially their older songs from The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Just imagine over 100,000 people singing along to With or Without You. Doesn’t it make you want to squeal with excitement just a little bit?

Also, they’ve got so many songs to choose from. Okay, they’re going to have to do some of their new stuff but bearing in mind they’re performing to some people who have never seen them before, it’s pretty much going to be a greatest hits set. But even then, there’s still a lot to choose from so their set is really unpredictable!

Last year when The Edge appeared with Muse it was one of the most talked about performances of the weekend. The moment that familiar riff started and the rather small man with a hat on walked onto the stage and the crowd started to cheer one of the biggest cheers I have ever heard. AMAZING. Just think, that was for one band member, imagine what it would be like for all four!

It seems the band are really looking forward to it especially after having to cancel their appearance last year. It’s the band’s first ever festival headlining slot and could be their only. The crowd will get to see their show cut back to the traditional four guys on a stage instead of a giant claw and it will be interesting to see how that comes across live. You know what i’m looking forward to? I Still haven’t found what i’m looking for. I bet you a tenner the crowds will be singing it all the way back to their tents.




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As 2010 comes to an end, you’ve stuffed your face with endless amounts of turkey and chocolate it’s time to look forward to 2011. Electric is here to remind you why 2011 is going to be so great.

After a bit of a mini break from touring, Editors are coming back with a new album which is being produced by Flood which let’s face it is going to be awesome. The Birmingham band really excelled with last album: In This Light and On This Evening so it’s going to be interesting to see what direction they go in next. In a past interview Electric did with Editors, they said they’d like to take a more havier direction. Who knows what it will sound like!

Glastonbury festival is set to witness some of the biggest rock and roll shows it has ever seen. U2 are set to headline one night after having to pull out of last year’s festival after Bono injured his back. It will be interesting to see how they go back to the basics with their stage set and blast out those popular anthems we all know and love. Bon Jovi are also rumoured to be headlining on the sunday which Electric thinks will be freaking epic. Imagine 170,000 people singing Livin on a Prayer. Yes. Exactly.

There’s a new Lady Gaga wlbum to look froward to. The pop princess has been recording and hopefully 2011 will see her releasing the album ‘Born This Way’ and also going on tour again. That lady just doesn’t stop. But she does love her job and her fans morethan anything in the world.

After making a triumphant return at the Isle of Wight festival earlier this year, The Strokes are meant to be releasing a new album in 2011. Julian confirmed on twitter that the album had been finished. Apparently though, they’ve had some trouble with it, re-doing some songs several times. But Albert said in an interview that they are really happy with the ten songs they have. To be fair to them it must be very stressful trying to make the album that everyone wants.

Pulp are back! yes we will get to see Jarvis Cocker and co grace the stage at Wireless festival in Hyde Park and Isle of Wight festival. it was a bit of a surprise this year but definately something to look forward to. Hopefull they’ll add a couple more dates including maybe a set at Glastonbury festival. Let’s hope Jarvis keeps his cool and wows the crowd with old favourites such as Babies and Common People.

Will 2011 be the year that The White Stripes fiinally reform? All of Jack’s mates from The Dead Weather and Raconteurs have gone back to their main bands, so is it time for Jack and Meg to reform The White Stripes and show us what we’ve all been missing? In an interview on Spin.com White said that he thought Meg (Sister or wife – who knows) was ready to start playing again after cancelling shows due to extreme anxiety. This is the closest we’ve come to the idea of them reforming so we just have to hold out hope that it actually happens. Let’s just say a headline spot at Bonnaroo festival would be perfect for them.

And so on that bombshell that’s enough things to look froward to. As to the White Stripes, we can only hope that a new album is in the cards. The world needs Jack White. 2011 looks like it’s going to be a packed year with many other bands releasing albums and announcing tours. Bring it on.

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So it was announced today that Kings Of Leon will be playing a summer UK stadium tour. Honestly, it was a bit of a shock. When you think of bands that do stadiums, you don’t exactly think of Kings Of Leon.

The question is can they really fill out and play a memorable stadium show?

Look at all of the bands we associate with stadium shows….

Muse who played two incredible nights at Wembley and had a giant UFO flying over the crowd.

U2 who manage to play the hits that get everyone singing along while they play under a giant claw costing around £10m.

For a band who famously had a little breakdown whilst headlining Reading festival, it does make you question how they’ll cope playing such big venues where there will be lots of people who only know Sex On Fire. And isn’t that the thing that makes them REALLY angry? Should be interesting.

All of the stadium bands mentioned above have huge stage presences that make the crowd go “Oh my god! I can’t believe i’m seeing them!” or “Oh My God! Did you see what he just did – isn’t he amazing?!”. As much as we all love Kings Of Leon – they just don’t have that stage presence for it yet. During their live shows, there is hardly any interaction with the crowd – they just play for almost three hours. But can they really do that at Sunderland or in Hyde Park? As great as they are musically, you want that extra oomph to say “wow I saw Kings Of Leon and they were incredible”.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a great band who write amazing songs, it’s just puzzling as to who came up with the idea that they can play stadiums. Last Summer they played a show in Hyde Park, London which got mixed reviews, lots of people loved it but even more people were critical of the way Kings Of Leon played without really seeming to care….

All we know is that Summer 2011 could be a massive test for KOL, whether they’re ready for it or not, they’re going to have to get used to people only knowing Use Somebody and Sex On Fire and they’re going to have something memorable to make seeing in a stadium worthwhile. Let’s hope the Tennessee boys are up for the challenge.

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The Killers have always been my favourite band since I was got given Hot Fuss for Christmas at the grand age of 15. I liked it. A lot. So much so that it jumps at almost every track. I went to the shows, saw them grow into the band that they are today. Hell, I even went to Hong Kong to see them (and it got cancelled *cough*). I’ve made some of my closest friends from seeing The Killers on their Day and Age Tour. So I guess i’ve got a lot to thank the band for.

Enter talk of the hiatus. I was at V festival watching them when Brandon said those words that made every Killers fan FREAK OUT! “We’re going away for a long time but we will be back”. Personally it was a bit of a relief – my bank account had taken a bit of a hammering thanks to the Day and Age tour. But it was sad all the same.

But then…what was this?! Brandon Flowers going solo?! Never! Well he did. I liked Crossfire as a single. It worked really well. Then came along Flamingo – half of which I liked – Only The Young, Magdalena, Hard Enough and Right Behind You are really great songs. The album got some good reviews from Q and NME. So I decided to join the mass of fangirls outside Birmingham Academy and see what Brandon had to offer.

Transfer, the support act were amazing. They had that American feel to them infused with the bluesy Jack White bass lines. The crowd weren’t sure what to make of them but Transfer seemed to win them over in the end. I even bought their CD after the show I was that impressed – Go Transfer!

And now we get to the man himself. Brandon Flowers. Of course by that point in the gig I already knew his name thanks to all of the wonderful fangirls behind me screaming his name at every available point. Believe me I was not like that when I was 15 and i’m definately not like it now! And so the dude from Las Vegas came onto the stage and started with On The Floor. Beautiful. Stunning. The fact that it’s so simple and so raw makes it so perfect. Best song on the album by far. Then we’re hit with Crossfire. As I mentioned before it is a great single. Everyone here knows all of the words and all of the actions – yeah Brandon does that on his solo tour too.

But I tell you something. It felt wrong. I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like a fraud. Everyone around me was transfixed by the man himself. When he came over to me I looked at him and then felt really awkward. I suddenly had to look away. I wasn’t as into it as everyone else I guess. I actually felt like I was betraying the other three. I looked at the guitarists and I actually missed moody Mark Stoermer bobbing about with his bass, I missed Dave wearing outrageous clothes and I missed Ronnie’s winks as he looked at people in the crowd. I suddenly realised that I loved The Killers for being The Killers and not because Brandon Flowers is hot. I mean he totally is…but The Killers are a team and the fan girls have seemed to miss that.

Brandon played more songs from Flamingo including the wonderful Only The Young. I even managed to remember the actions – see there is still a bit of a fan girl left in me! Brandon grinned at me at one point. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. And then they went into Losing Touch. it was different. The band decided to shake it up. Nothing too bad about it in fact it was a bit refreshed and sounded pretty good. I was beginning to warm to the show until *shudders* they finished with When You Were Young.

As soon as the acoustic guitar came out. I knew what was happening. Great. Those chords began and I actually felt angry. In fact i’m going to confess here….. I started to cry. For all of the wrong reasons. The fangirls around took their chance in the silence to yell ” WE LOVE YOU BRANDON!!!!!!!!” which I really didn’t appreciate. They are like 15. They love their Mum and Dad not some dude in a band. Anyway so he starts to sing…and the tears stream down my face. The Killers have rarely done acoustic versions of When You Were Young but they performed it at the White House and it was so beautiful and now I see some strange bearded man sat with Brandon playing it. It felt wrong. I’m sorry but it did.

I left that gig feeling more down in the dumps than when I left. Someone told me that I should look at the gig at what it is and not what it isn’t. But let’s face it guys, in the musical world of today, if Flamingo wasn’t by the lead singer of The Killers then we wouldn’t have liked it at all. Or he would have been a one hit wonder with Crossfire…either way – not the same is it?

My conclusion tonight? Bring the Killers back. And when they do come back, i’m going to the US to see them and taking my Killers friends with me. I’ve heard there’s less fangirling over there.

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So it’s currently the in thing to go solo. Everyone’s doing it from Brandon Flowers to Kele and so now it seems time to introduce to you Paul Smith, lead singer of the magnificent Maximo Park. The question is why does he need to go solo? He’s the front man of an impressive band. As with many bands, the front man is the band. Without the front man, they would be nothing. So what’s made Paul Smith think he can go without the band?

Apparently, well according to Mr Smith, it’s not a solo thing. I guess he’s concerned that Maximo fans will worry too much about the band breaking up which may I add will never happen! He said in an interview with ITN that he has been working on the album for four years without even knowing it!

Margins came out today on his Smith’s own record label and he will be touring in November and December as well as an instore at Rough Trade East this Thursday. Hopefully if Electric can make it then we will bring you what happened!

So here is the first listen to Paul Smith’s solo efforts!

It’s no Graffiti but at then end of the day, his voice is so distinctive you can’t help but love it. It seems like this is one of the slower ones on the album which makes Electric think… for the energetic ones will we see the trademark kicks and jumps or will his shows be completely different from Maximo’s? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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So we’ve already heard crossfire which was leaked almost two months ago and now we have On The Floor. Have a listen first before you listen to Electric Shutdown’s verdict.

Ok so there are a lot of people hating it. Fair enough. I think I know why – it doesn’t sound like The Killers. But that’s the magic of Brandon Flowers going solo. Flamingo is his exploration of new areas, thoughts and feelings that we might not have seen in The Killers and because of this On The Floor is a perfect example of how Brandon’s music can differ from his band’s.

The song from the first listen sounds like Johnny Cash with a bit of  Bruce Springsteen’s ideas on America with references to dreams. The fact that it’s acoustic makes it more heartfelt and acccording to NME it’s the most religious on the album so for all of you panicking that this is going to be some mormon obsessed album – the panic is over.

All in all, a great song from the Bflo. Looking forward to Flamingo in September.

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After much guessing about when we would hear the first single from Flamingo and a lot of teasing on thekillersmusic.com…someone obviously found it too hard to bear, leaking Crossfire to the world. And here it is….

Hmmmm. I know you”re probably a bit dubious about this as it isn’t really what we know and love from The Killers. But it is Brandon Flowers and if you think he is a major part of the Las Vegas band. On first listen it reminded me a bit of take that – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of that..but now i’ve had the chance to really listen to it again and again, it’s a brillaint pop song that couldn’t have come at a better time. Just think, it’s festival season, the sun will be shining and everyone wants that one song that remind them of their perfect summer. Well there it is guys…crossfire by Brandon Flowers. Who knows, he may even be a special guest at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. We can only hope.

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