After what can only be described as a triumphant set at Glastonbury, U2 were ready to rejoin their final leg of the US tour. While the band were headlining the pyramid stage, people had begun to queue in Nashville for a concert that was going to happen days later.

U2 had only played Nashville once before on the Joshua Tree, when they were starting to turn into the massive band that they are now. There was a lot of anticipation for this gig, people had waited for over 20 years for the band to return and now it was actually happening. the venue was vanderbuilt University stadium, the same venue they had played on their debut performance in Nashville. According to a local, they had wanted to play a bigger venue that belonged to the Tennesee Titans however the Titans declined as they didn’t want their pitch ruined. Honestly I am thankful, it was the smallest venue I had seen the band play in for years, it seems fitting that their most intimate gig would be in Nashville.

And so on a hot Summer’s evening, the familiar Space Odyssey starts to play and the lights dim. the crowd are about to be treated to one of the biggest shows on earth. Starting with Even Better Than The Real Thing, the crowd are captivated as the claw comes to life and those mega Irish rockers go straight into the hits, following on with The Fly and Mysterious Ways. It is almost the same set as Glastonbury, but in this case, the crowd had already been won over.

There can’t really be a gig in Nashville without paying tribute to Johnny Cash and tonight, Bono pays a fitting tribute by performing The Wanderer, a song the band have never performed live before. It is beautiful and the crowd are loving it. there have been a couple of gigs that I have been to where Bono’s voice hasn’t been the best but tonight it is ultimate perfection. there’s a big cheer as he finishes the song and talks about the time he spent with Johnny and June.

Surprise songs included Miss Sarajevo which was highly impressive, everyone whooping and cheering as Bono hits those high notes and of course the oh so beautiful Stay which almost acts as a nice intermission between all of the energetic, well known hits.

They return to the stage and start with a snippet of Amazing Grace. as a visitor in  this part of the world it felt amazing to be stood in a stadium with 40,000 Americans singing their heart out. In my mind, there was no where else I would rather be.

The band then hit us with ‘with or without you’. when they play that song you know the gig is coming to a close. It always gets me when you heard everyone singing along to the ohs at the end. Bono and co feel this too as they all look like they don’t want to leave.

Just as you think it’s over, you see Bono point at someone in the crowd and ask “what do you want to play?” and yes for all those u2 haters it sounds hillarious but Bono gets a blind man up onstage. Apparently he wants to sing a song for his wife Andrea. the rest of the band have already gone offstage but come back looking somewhat bemused. The man is given bono’s guitar to play and so he starts to strum. Bono gets him to keep going and so he begins to sing along, Larry gets back on the drums and Adam puts his bass back on and the audience are treated to all I want is you by u2 and their special guest with his face beaming. The song finishes and bono shocks everyone by saying to him “you can keep the guitar.”

And so the night ends with that really, what an amazing band, what an amazing crowd and what an amazing town. The band give one final wave and promise they won’t leave it long until they are back again. And this time, no one seems to doubt them.


The Teenage Cancer Trust put on shows every year to raise money and awareness for the charity. This year Editors finished off the residency at one of the beautiful venues in the world. Fact.

To be honest, I’m not even going to tell you what you should think. Just listen. Wow.

MGMT announced a show in Hong Kong as part of their Asia tour so I paid the extortionate $580 and went and saw them play.

There’s this problem I have with MGMT. Having been ‘lucky’ to have seen them around four times I can easily say that they are lacking somewhat live. However this time I was willing to give them one more chance. It was a gig in Hong Kong after all.

They were supported by the French Horn Rebellion who did their best to warm up the crowd with their synth beats and interesting mix of a yes – you’ve got it – a French Horn. The crowd seemed to like them especially down the front where everyone was jumping up and down when asked. Although at the back, the crowd were hardly moving at all. French horn rebellion did have some familiar tunes – they must have been on the H&M playlist in London for sure.

It was getting late and the roadies were setting up the stage equipment for MGMT. Finally people at the back were beginning to get excited. The one worrying sign about this audience was that the majority of them were western business men in suits who had obviously just left work. The problem is with ticket prices here is that the young folk just can’t afford it which means the atmosphere completely changes. And it did.

As soon as MGMT started, the rich hipster kids at the front were in full bopping mode while everyone else in the middle and the back just stood there, motionless as MGMT tried their best to get the crowd going. This was going to be a tough gig. The band started surprisingly with a majority of songs from their more recent album Congratulations before going straight into electric feel. The crowd suddenly started to warm up.

As always, the band limited talking to one sentence every five songs. They’re not the most sociable band i’ve ever seen live. It almost felt as if you were watching them jamming in their bedrooms, completely oblivious to the fact that 3000 people were watching them play.

They of course finished their set with Kids which got the best reception of the night before coming back for an encore full of Congratulations songs. By this point a lot of men in suits had disappeared. After all of the Oracular Spectacular hits had been played there was no need for them to stick around.

MGMT thanked the crowd for letting them “finally play in Hong Kong” before finishing with fan favourite Brian Eno. They gave a wave as they left the stage and that was it, they were now on their way to Indonesia to play to some more fans. Let’s hope the next crowd won’t be full of suits.

SXSW festival is well under way with performances from Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. But the most talked about event will surely be the unannounced appearance of Jack White.

The former White Stripes front man and founder of Third Man Records brought his pop up shop to the festival in Austin, Texas. Not only did he bring his retail goods, he also did a two song performance before the store opened. He performed a cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Not Fade away’ before playing an old White Stripes song, ‘Dead leaves and the dirty ground’. Not going to lie. Kind of makes me miss the White Stripes rather a lot.

He was later followed by Seasick Steve who has just signed a one record deal with Third Man.

All I can say is that those attendees of the show were extremely lucky indeed!

Yes. Electric is bringing this back again. The video of the week. Some will be old videos, and some will be new. This week’s one is a newbie by Noah and the whale.

I reckon you’ve heard of them before. Remember the song five years time? And that was about it really. They went off, disappeared for a while and now they’re back with a new album and a masterpiece of a single.

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N takes a while to type indeed but it has that summer is coming feel to it that gets you all excited. It’s catchy, it’s uplifting, it’s generally great.

I look forward to hearing this at this summer’s festivals.
Nice to see them back again! ENJOY.

You’ve all probably seen it, that annoying Facebook challenge where every day you have to pick a song matching up to that statement? Well I did think about doing it, but i’m really bad with anything that requires dedication especially remembering to do something every day for 30 days. But I looked at the first one. Your favourite song ever. It made me think. What is my favourite song?

Here it is:

It hasn’t always been my favourite song but over the past couple of months where i’ve been travelling and thinking about life generally, this seems to have some kind of deep meaning. It’s such a raw and beautiful song and then of course it goes straight into rebellion which on the album is one of my favourite parts – the transition between the two is so perfect, it actually makes me smile with glee. No jokes.

So yes. Favourite song. If anyone wants to comment on their favourite song then that would be awesome 🙂

Hey you! Yeah you! Haters! Stop hating! Why? I’m about to tell you why!

You all probably groaned when you heard that U2 would be headlining Glastonbury. I guess it wasn’t really a surprise that U2 would be headlining the well known festival and let’s face it U2 and Coldplay are hardly controversial headliners.

People always complain about U2 mainly because of Bono. Yeah he’s a bit of a wally and he can go on a bit from time to time but you’ve got to remember he donates loads of money to charity and helped set up the aids charity RED. Which if you think about is pretty good. When Hurricane Katrina came along, U2 and Green Day made that massive record which helped generate a lot of money for the area. So they’re pretty much all round good guys.

Enough about them. They also make pretty amazing songs too. There’s something anthemic about their songs especially their older songs from The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Just imagine over 100,000 people singing along to With or Without You. Doesn’t it make you want to squeal with excitement just a little bit?

Also, they’ve got so many songs to choose from. Okay, they’re going to have to do some of their new stuff but bearing in mind they’re performing to some people who have never seen them before, it’s pretty much going to be a greatest hits set. But even then, there’s still a lot to choose from so their set is really unpredictable!

Last year when The Edge appeared with Muse it was one of the most talked about performances of the weekend. The moment that familiar riff started and the rather small man with a hat on walked onto the stage and the crowd started to cheer one of the biggest cheers I have ever heard. AMAZING. Just think, that was for one band member, imagine what it would be like for all four!

It seems the band are really looking forward to it especially after having to cancel their appearance last year. It’s the band’s first ever festival headlining slot and could be their only. The crowd will get to see their show cut back to the traditional four guys on a stage instead of a giant claw and it will be interesting to see how that comes across live. You know what i’m looking forward to? I Still haven’t found what i’m looking for. I bet you a tenner the crowds will be singing it all the way back to their tents.