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You’ve all probably seen it, that annoying Facebook challenge where every day you have to pick a song matching up to that statement? Well I did think about doing it, but i’m really bad with anything that requires dedication especially remembering to do something every day for 30 days. But I looked at the first one. Your favourite song ever. It made me think. What is my favourite song?

Here it is:

It hasn’t always been my favourite song but over the past couple of months where i’ve been travelling and thinking about life generally, this seems to have some kind of deep meaning. It’s such a raw and beautiful song and then of course it goes straight into rebellion which on the album is one of my favourite parts – the transition between the two is so perfect, it actually makes me smile with glee. No jokes.

So yes. Favourite song. If anyone wants to comment on their favourite song then that would be awesome 🙂


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Ok so this is a little contraversial but i’m going to say it. I prefer European gigs to UK gigs. There we go. Done it.

Everyone gives me a weird look when I say i’m off here or there to see this band. They usually reply “why don’t you just see them in the UK?” Or if you’re Keith Murray: “Is Wolverhampton not random enough for you?” Well no Keith it isn’t actually. You know why? Well here’s why actually:

European gigs are smaller than UK ones which means a lot more of the serious fans go. The past three times i’ve seen We Are Scientists in other countries i’ve been resting my drinks on the stage and been hit on the head by Keith’s guitar – ok well that’s not a benefit, actually it’s a little painful. There’s a sense that the band are playing to you and sometimes only to you. There’s better interaction between the band and the audience. Once WAS actually invited a crowd member onstage – you don’t get that at Brixton Academy do you?!

Europeans are politer. Sorry Brits. It’s true. In the UK, someone always has to try and push in front of someone who’s been queueing for hours which really rattles me. It’s wrong. Why do you deserve that place more than them? Well in Europe, people stand there and have a good time – no pushing, no fights. It’s so relaxed it’s unbelievable. In fact at one gig, a girl asked if I could go in front of her in the queue to get in because she didn’t want to go in first. Don’t mind if I do actually!

Europeans love to clap and sing. They get really involved. I have never seen Editors play a show like they did in Paris. It was so incredible I actually could have cried at the end. Maybe I did. The crowd were so ready for it and so up for it that Editors responded in a way I have never seen them play before. They didn’t want to leave the stage at the end. I didn’t particularly want them to either.

You’re on holiday. Yes funnily enough, getting on that plane or getting in the car means that  you’re automatically on holiday. If you love travelling then why not combine two loves music and travelling and experience completely new things and meet new people.

And lastly. I’m not weird honest. You get recognised by bands for making the distance. They’ll come over to you and ask you how you are or they’ll do the appreciative nod when they’re on stage. Or the roadie will chuck out a setlist or a drumstick for you – although watch out for any french fans that want to fight you for it. Yeah that’s a story for another day I guess. All you need to know is that I won. NICE. Plus at European festivals, bands wander around without a care. While we were watching Louis XIV we were there stood behind Editors and half of The Killers road crew. It’s just so relaxed.

So there you go. If i’m being honest i’m looking forward to seeing We Are Scientists a lot more in Oslo and Paris than I am say London or Newcastle. As much as I love my country and our music scene, the amount of idiots occupying the standing area is beginning to get frustrating and sometimes the only way to see that magical show is to make the distance  something that seems to be easy to do now thanks to the likes of Ryanair, Easyjet and my mum’s Honda Civic.

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After ignoring touring Canada for a long time due to other commitments, The White Stripes decided to tour Canada big time playing small towns and playing anywhere possible.

This film is actually amazing. Seeing the pair on stage together and the connection that they have while playing is magical. We follow them to every date, playing sideshows on buses, in a cafe to a baby and two other people, and in what looks like an old people’s home.  It’s like you’re attatched to the band, getting extra sneaky peeks of what they’re like on and off stage, after a show and whilst travelling.

The soundtrack is incredible featuring Jolene, I just don’t know what to do with myself, Black Math, Blue Orchid and the infamous Seven Nation Army. You can’t help but feel sad that we may never get to see the White Stripes play live ever again. Such a shame because every single one of those concerts looked incredible. There’s a connection that the pair share onstage that we will never understand.

Offstage Meg is the extremely quieter one, although Jack makes it extremely clear that she’s always like this and people always think that he does all of the talking for her. Throughout the whole film she talks about five times and so quietly that they have to add subtitles so we can understand what she’s saying.  Jack comes across as passionate about music, treating their live shows as a challenge – they don’t even have setlists when they play live! Jack lives music and whatever he’s doing in the film has to have something music involved. Crazy.

Under Great White Northern Lights is an example of what a musical film should be like. It focuses on their live act but also shows us life behind the stage even if it is just Meg sat on the sofa smoking a cigarette.

There’s something saddening about the end. Why is Meg crying? Does she know that this is the end of the tour for them, and maybe the end of touring forever? Or is it something deeper? The question is, is Meg still in love with Jack White? It’s a question that will never be answered.

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This video is in celebration of Arcade Fire being announced as headliners of Reading and Leeds festival. I’ve booked a Saturday day ticket just to see these guys play. Stuff the Libertines.

Yep. It’s pretty clear here how amazing they are live especially with big crowds. They’re such a strange band but one I hold close to my heart. Wake up was used on U2’s Vertigo tour as they came on stage, the first song that made me think wow. The first song that made me fall in love with them. So yeah i’m looking forward to Reading and the return of Arcade Fire!

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Yes, it’s finally come, The White Stripes will be releasing “Under Great White Northern Lights” in the UK. It will be released on DVD in March after cinema previews before the 16th of March. Go onto the band’s website for a full listing of cinemas showing the film.

It should be an excellent watch, focusing on the pair’s travels across Canada from playing a bus to major concert venues. It’s a raw film that also shows the close relationship between the pair and hopefully will answer a couple of questions we’ve been wondering for a while. It does make you feel a little sad though, that it’s very unlikely that the pair will ever come to the UK again…I guess we’ll have the DVD to watch to keep us occupied.

I’m about to book London and Cardiff tickets – why buy the DVD when you can watch it on the big screen with better sound?! Hurry up though, tickets are bound to sell out quick.

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