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Not wanting to be left out of all of the Christmas cheer Coldplay have released this song:

If we’re going to be honest it’s just another Coldplay song. Now there’s nothing wrong with Coldplay, in fact we should all love a bit of Coldplay from time to time but this song is so whiney!

Leave a comment in the box if you disagree or agree. 🙂


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Christmas is never Christmas without a treat from The Killers. This year it comes in the form of single Boots which is helping to raise money for World Aids Day. Every play of this video here Starbucks will donate 5 cents to charity and you can also buy the video from itunes.

Now some people have been complaining that only Brandon Flowers features in the video thus making it a Brandon Flowers song. To be fair they have a point but bearing in mind we’re in the middle of a Killers hiatus we’re pretty lucky to get anything from the guys.

Anyway….any thoughts on the video can be put in the comments section of this post. 🙂

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When Electricshutdown got to interview Editors in Hard Rock Cafe…. Take a look and see what happened!

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On Sunday evening, it was announced that Rage Against The Machine had made the number one spot, selling 500,000 copies of ‘Killing in the name’ in a week. The X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s cover of ‘The Climb’ was kept off the top spot after an internet campaign on Facebook. The campaign led by Jon and Tracey Morter, huge Rage fans asked members of the ‘ Rage for Number one’ group to buy at least one copy of ‘Killing in the name’.

So what does this mean for the X Factor and Simon Cowell? Cowell claims to be ‘gutted’ for Jo but congratulated the people power of the facebook campaign. It seems that the people have spoken – we’ve had enough of this manufactured pop music. What about the bands that write their own music and are talented enough without having to go on television. Let’s give them a chance and leave the decade of reality television behind.

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