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Yes, it’s finally come, The White Stripes will be releasing “Under Great White Northern Lights” in the UK. It will be released on DVD in March after cinema previews before the 16th of March. Go onto the band’s website for a full listing of cinemas showing the film.

It should be an excellent watch, focusing on the pair’s travels across Canada from playing a bus to major concert venues. It’s a raw film that also shows the close relationship between the pair and hopefully will answer a couple of questions we’ve been wondering for a while. It does make you feel a little sad though, that it’s very unlikely that the pair will ever come to the UK again…I guess we’ll have the DVD to watch to keep us occupied.

I’m about to book London and Cardiff tickets – why buy the DVD when you can watch it on the big screen with better sound?! Hurry up though, tickets are bound to sell out quick.


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