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The Teenage Cancer Trust put on shows every year to raise money and awareness for the charity. This year Editors finished off the residency at one of the beautiful venues in the world. Fact.

To be honest, I’m not even going to tell you what you should think. Just listen. Wow.


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Ok so this is a little contraversial but i’m going to say it. I prefer European gigs to UK gigs. There we go. Done it.

Everyone gives me a weird look when I say i’m off here or there to see this band. They usually reply “why don’t you just see them in the UK?” Or if you’re Keith Murray: “Is Wolverhampton not random enough for you?” Well no Keith it isn’t actually. You know why? Well here’s why actually:

European gigs are smaller than UK ones which means a lot more of the serious fans go. The past three times i’ve seen We Are Scientists in other countries i’ve been resting my drinks on the stage and been hit on the head by Keith’s guitar – ok well that’s not a benefit, actually it’s a little painful. There’s a sense that the band are playing to you and sometimes only to you. There’s better interaction between the band and the audience. Once WAS actually invited a crowd member onstage – you don’t get that at Brixton Academy do you?!

Europeans are politer. Sorry Brits. It’s true. In the UK, someone always has to try and push in front of someone who’s been queueing for hours which really rattles me. It’s wrong. Why do you deserve that place more than them? Well in Europe, people stand there and have a good time – no pushing, no fights. It’s so relaxed it’s unbelievable. In fact at one gig, a girl asked if I could go in front of her in the queue to get in because she didn’t want to go in first. Don’t mind if I do actually!

Europeans love to clap and sing. They get really involved. I have never seen Editors play a show like they did in Paris. It was so incredible I actually could have cried at the end. Maybe I did. The crowd were so ready for it and so up for it that Editors responded in a way I have never seen them play before. They didn’t want to leave the stage at the end. I didn’t particularly want them to either.

You’re on holiday. Yes funnily enough, getting on that plane or getting in the car means that  you’re automatically on holiday. If you love travelling then why not combine two loves music and travelling and experience completely new things and meet new people.

And lastly. I’m not weird honest. You get recognised by bands for making the distance. They’ll come over to you and ask you how you are or they’ll do the appreciative nod when they’re on stage. Or the roadie will chuck out a setlist or a drumstick for you – although watch out for any french fans that want to fight you for it. Yeah that’s a story for another day I guess. All you need to know is that I won. NICE. Plus at European festivals, bands wander around without a care. While we were watching Louis XIV we were there stood behind Editors and half of The Killers road crew. It’s just so relaxed.

So there you go. If i’m being honest i’m looking forward to seeing We Are Scientists a lot more in Oslo and Paris than I am say London or Newcastle. As much as I love my country and our music scene, the amount of idiots occupying the standing area is beginning to get frustrating and sometimes the only way to see that magical show is to make the distance  something that seems to be easy to do now thanks to the likes of Ryanair, Easyjet and my mum’s Honda Civic.

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Having never been to Glastonbury before, I was a little dubious about what it was going to be like. But there really was no need. The best festival I have ever been to even beating Pukkelpop! It took us ages to find a space in the camping areas – an hour later and we were pitching our tent in wicket groud and getting ready to have a look around the site.

Thursday:  Had a look around the site again. It’s so huge it was hard to see everything. The Park is a great place to sit, enjoy the sun and eat some toasties from tea and toast – highly recommended. Went to see Boy George in the Dance Village however he was more than 90 minutes late so couldn’t be bothered to wait and eneded up seeing The Cheek‘s set in which they covered La Roux which was brilliant.

Friday:  Went and saw Rolf Harris open the Pyramid stage. He was fantastic really getting the crowd going playing old favourites such as Two Little Boys and of course Waltzing Matilda which made it feel as if it was Australia day or something. The crowd loved him, whopping and cheering, chanting “there’s only one Rolf Harris” as he left the stage. Walked around for ages, caught Florence and The Machine which was brilliant. Flo is very humble and couldn’t believe that she was standing on the stage declaring her appearance as the “best moment in her life”. We then wandered over to The Park to see who the special guests were hearing that it was either Coldplay or The Strokes. It was neither!  Thom Yorke played some of his solo material before bringing on Jonny Greenwood to play some of Radiohead’s famous songs such as Karma Police. Not really my cup of tea but it’s something to say you’ve seen. It was quite funny watching people running up to the park as soon as Karma Police started playing. We ignored Gorillaz and caught a bit of The Flaming Lips set which looked incredible – Wayne in a giant zorbing ball going across the crowd, giant glow up balloons and multicoloured confetti. And the final band of the night was the Bootleg Beatles who got everyone singing the famous beatles songs such as Yellow Submarine and Sargeant Peppers. etc. It was really pleasant!

Saturday:  went to The Park for a while. Then wandered over to the John Peel stage to see Cymbals Eat Guitars who i’d seen support We Are Scientists before. They were ok, the lead singer needs to re think his shouting bits though. It was nice to be in a tent and out of the sun. We then headed to the Pyramid stage to catch some of Seasick Steve’s set. I really enjoyed it and he got a load of cheers and whoops. He also had the best American accent i’ve ever heard. Fact. Then it was time for The Dead Weather who I was really looking forward to after enjoying seeing them play last year. Jack White was the most talkative i’ve ever seen him!  Alison Mosshart or Baby Ruthless as Jack calls her has a great stage presence, the way she interacts with the audience and the way she moves onstage is incredible. It almost makes me want to be her. Everyone around us really enjoyed them especially when Jack got up from behind his drumkit and took hold of his familiar copper guitar. After that we headed over to the Other Stage to try and get as close as we could for Editors. We made the barrier – not sure how. Editors were fantastic as always and we were treated to an hours worth of brilliant songs. Ended up being on the big TV screens jumping up and down. Embarrassing. They finished with a bricks and mortar combo with Papillion and then of course they had pryo. Yes actual flames during papillion. Amazing. After that we wandered over to the back of the field to grab a space for Muse. They are such a great live band and I love them to bits. They started with the familiar Uprising and continued playing Supermassive Black Hole, Plug in Baby, amoung many others. Then of course there was the encore to end all encores. There had been rumours all day who Muse’s special guests were but as the familiar riff to Where The Streets Have no Name. It was obvious the Edge had  come to join Muse. Yes the actual Edge. WOW. Matt Bellamy did really well singing. Possibly the best collaboration I have ever seen. It made me want to actually cry. The whole crowd was up for it singing along – it made me wonder what it would have been like to see U2 headline on the Friday night. I think we all know it would have been mind blowing.

Sunday: Sunday’s line up wasn’t as great as the other days so just had a bit of a slow day. Went and saw the end of The Temper Trap where they played that one familiar song – Sweet Disposition. The whole crowd went mad for that. It must be annoying though working on a whole load of songs and all the crowd want to hear is that one song channel 4 used last summer. Ended up on the barrier at the other stage. Caught Grizzly Bear highly unimpressed to be honest. Although they were better than the football results. The it was time for We Are Scientists. Keith knew we were coming and he smiled at us  loads. They had Andy Burrows drumming which was nice to see. They did quite a lot of old stuff – crowd pleasers really, mixed in with some new tracks off of Barbara – Pittsburgh, Rules, Jack and Ginger, Ambition. People were staring at us we knew all of the words. Apparently I was on TV loads during WAS. Embarrassing again. Lots of banter as always – as one friend said to me – you’ve gotta love Keith. We moved back for MGMT beause having seen them before I can say they’re better on CD then they are live. I felt a bit sorry for them as the sound cut out a bit during Kids – I was pretty shocked they played it and Eletric Feel actually especially after their comments in NME. Went for a walk around the site and then headed to the back of the field to get a good place for Stevie Wonder. I was quite excited about seeing him play and he didn’t disappoint playing all of his well known songs although the highlight had to be when he brought out Micheal Eavis to finish off the set with Happy Birthday – the guy couldn’t sing but he is a farmer after all! It was so Cute and lovely! And then Glastonbury was over. What a magial place. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve been, but once you have you’ll be coming back every year.

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Ok so this was a random decision which started out as a joke. “Oh let’s go to Paris to see Editors – that would be a right laugh”. So there we are, eight in the morning at Victoria Coach Station boarding a Eurolines coach from London to Paris.

The next day we arrive at the Olympia for one in the afternoon with only two people in front of us. They were Belgians and couldn’t speak a word of English and believe me my Flemisch or French is not that great. More and more people start to join the queue before the doors open at half past six. I just remember running for it, not even sure where I was going but we managed to get the spot we wanted, right in front of Russell. Perfect.

Airship come on at quater to eight and play for only twenty minutes. Airship have supported Editors before on last year’s UK leg and they’ve got even better since. The parisians really liked them, being extremely polite and clapping after every song. I found out that night that the French really do love to clap, seriously it’s insane. Second support act I Like Trains come on straight after and play twenty minutes as well, they were pretty good and were all dressed in blazers.

Editors come onstage to the biggest applause and cheers I have ever heard starting with…… of course, In This Light And On This Evening. We are then treated to Lights and An End Has A Start. It’s so strange to hear these people who couldn’t speak a word of English suddenly be able to sing along to every word. If you think about it, it really truly is amazing.

They also play Life As A Ghost in which Russell does his familiar nods of approval at the people who know the words and occasionally sticks his thumbs up. The best bit about Russell  though is his amazing jumps whilst he’s playing – it’s like he’s been learning from Busted or something. Hillarious! Tom is doing his usual hand grabs, reaching over his synthesiser. That’s what I love about Tom Smith as a front man, he’s extroadinarially shy and quiet in person but when he gets onto that stage it’s like he’s coming out of his cage.

They walk off after playing Smokers which is as beautiful as it usually is. Tom comes on by himself and we all know what’s going to happen now – his solo rendition of No Sound But The Wind. Personally I adore this song, when I first heard it something clicked. It’s a stunner and when it’s played live there’s something eerie and exciting about it.

The crowd are then treated to Bricks and Mortar with Chris Urbanowicz pulling the funniest of faces. It seemed like him, Ed and Russell are in on a j oke while Tom tries to keep it together. Then they hit the synths and play Papillion , the most exciting track of the night as everyone upstairs is stood up, and the barrier at the front downstairs it starting to move up and down to the beat. Possibly the best track of the night. The guys then finish with old favourite Fingers in the Factories. What a night.

There was an incident with a drumstick, an annoying French Girl and an awesome ginger roadie but i’ve ranted on long enough. That can wait for another day.

It was funny though! 🙂

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So it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, probably the biggest music festival in the world has decided to reveal the line up earlier than expected due to an earlier (and false) leak. There may be some surprises!

Let’s take a look and see what we’ll be watching and what we’ll want to miss!

Here’s the link: http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/50669

So, u2 headlining should be pretty special. U2 are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them, but there’s no doubt about it, they are brilliant live. It should be interesting how their stage set up will be, will they cut it back completely or will we have a lemon moment?

Muse will be amazing. Let’s face it, Muse are currently one of the biggest bands around at the moment. Knights of Cydonia is going to prompt the biggest singalong and headbanging Glasto has ever seen.

Stevie Wonder – not sure really. Of course Sunday has a more relaxed feel to it and some people will enjoy it but I don’t feel that Stevie will be that appealing for the younger folk.

Other bands that should be good:

  • We Are Scientists
  • Editors
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Julian Casablancas
  • Florence and The Machine
  • Mystery Jets
  • Laura Marling
  • MGMT

Editors will be brilliant because they are such a great live band and Smokers Outside Hospital Doors always gets festival crowds going.  We Are Scientists should be awesome with their on stage banter and with songs like Great Escape and After Hours, how could you not love them really?! MGMT should be interesting bearing in mind what I said about them a couple of posts ago. So yeah it looks like it’s going to be a good Glasto – and lucky Electric Shutdown will be giving you updates on what is going on.

Even though they are saying that this is the official line up, there’s still room for more especially as Coldplay are desperate to play Glasto’s 40th year. And we’re missing the presence of Jack White and that is not on. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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The last date of our mini tour and Editors seem to stepped up tonight for their show in the capitol.  Editors are such a great band but they’re not exactly the type you’d expect pyrotechnics and stage equipment from.(More on that later).

So we arrive at Brixton at around quarter to six to start queuing. Epic fail. There’s already a fairly big queue and to top it off there’s an o2 priority. Regretting being on 3 mobile even more now. So when the doors opened, they all went straight past us, every single person even though we’d been in the queue much longer than them. Made me pretty angry really – basically 02 will take your money from you for a ticket but actually they don’t care about you even when you queue up for hours. Makes me sick that fans are treated like this. But there’s nothing bands can do about it, just the way 02 Academy runs.

This time we have The Chapman Family. Now I had a bad experience with them a couple of weeks ago when they supported WAS at their secret show in Camden. They weren’t that good and they slightly frightened me. However they were quite good tonight, their sound was a lot better and particular members of the crowd were giving them their all. Then, we had this other weird band, I can’t remember their name. Sorry!

Editors came on at quarter past nine again and started with In This Light and On This Evening. Brixton was really into it which made the atmosphere really good. There was a little bit of pushing but a lot less than I expected. The set list was pretty much the same until halfway through when it goes quiet and the familiar start to YOU ARE FADING!! begins. I have seriously missed this song on the tour and it was back on our last night. perfect. We were the only ones going mental to it so much so that Russell looked over, smiled and nodded loads at us. Seriously, that guy is amazing!

The set continues, Blood, Escape the nest, Last Day (soon to be released for Record day), Bullets, Munich, Smokers going on into the encore. No one really knows no sound but the wind which makes it twice as chilling and eerie when there is seriously No sound but Tom Smith.

The set reaches Papillion and it’s clear that something is going to happen especially with some strange contraptions in front of the stage. During the chorus, FIRE!! that’s right actual fire, i can tell you it was boiling hot. It felt like my face was burning off. Incredible!!

Then during the end of Fingers in the Factories we are treated to more delights…Red glitter confetti. Wow Editors you have surprised me. In a good, no amazing way! I have fallen in love with you even more than I did before!

And so that is the end of that. Thanks Editors for the past weekend. See you in paris! 🙂

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It’s a Sunday and we started our journey from Brighton to Cardiff. This time the sun began to shine and good music was played. Nothing like a bit of Raconteurs on a road trip!

We started queuing at around four just to make sure we’d be at the front especially as there was seven of us that needed to get on the barrier. Yep, this show I had some good gigging friends of mine coming with us. Ed walked past so we got to meet him and he signed some stuff. What a nice guy, but incredibly short.

It didn’t take long for it to get to seven and the doors were opened. I had a spot in front of Tom, a little closer to Chris. Nice. 

Same support acts again, Strange Death Of Liberal England and Cold Cave – they’d turned down the bass tonight. Thank god. Still, I felt myself warming to Cold Cave a little, only a little bit though, they just seemed incredibly moody for no apparent reason. Chris picked them when he heard them on the radio in America, apparently they’re pretty big over there.

Editors come on stage at quarter past nine and start with On This Light and On This Evening. The crowd are a bit calmer compared to last night and Bournemouth, so much so that it’s a little disappointing. But hey, the show goes on and Editors put a good one on at that.

Favourite part of the night when one of my friends who loves the boxer yells out with no fear…”Tom, Tom play The Boxer please??! ” The funniest bit was that he actually smiled and laughed….but carried on to another song.

No Sound But The Wind was again extremely beautiful and I’m so glad that they’ve added it on the tour and the original one at that. Encore got the crowd going especially Papillion. I seriously love that beat, it gets everyone going and when I listen to it on my ipod I feel myself singing in the middle of the street. Seriously not cool, especially in London.

It all ends with Fingers in the Factories and a part of me felt really sad. One left to go and it’s almost over. I guess all good things never last. Or at least I believed that until after the show…

Roadie had yet another drum for me although he got a little enthusiastic with his throwing and it went somewhere way behind us. So if you have a drum skin that has Sophie written on it, you know who it belongs to alright!!

We all wanted to see if we could meet the rest of the band after our little meeting with Ed earlier and we did. Russell, Ed and Chris came out first. I found myself stood next to Chris with his arms around me. Yep. I liked that a lot. big Urbanowicz fan. Tom eventually came out and was extremely sweet telling us he’s be back in 2 minutes and he was. We had a picture and he signed some stuff and he apologised for the lack of The Boxer. Sweet guy.

And that was the end of that, eat some Lola’s cupcakes, got in the car and headed home. What a great weekend.

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