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The Drums, a three piece band from Williamsburg, New York have been talked about for a while now. After being mentioned in the bands to watch in 2010, they had a lot to prove to everyone. Now they’re finishing off 2010 with a member down (Adam Kessler left the band earlier this year leaving the band as a three piece.)

They released their debut album earlier this year which includes radio favourite “Let’s go Surfing” which also appeared on the H&M soundtrack for months. Highlights of the album are “Best Friend” which although having upbeat lyrics explores the idea of losing a friend and not being able to see them any more. “Down By The Water” is probably the slowest track on the album and probably the love song on the album, it’s simplicity is rather beautiful.

If you want to really know what The Drums’ music is about, you have to see them play live. The Drums’ live shows are where the music really comes to life with their enthusiastic but melancholic tales that Johnny sings to the crowd. They’ve got energy live that is hard to re- create on CD.

When they play live, Jacob can’t help but make you laugh with his dancing and bowing to the crowd while Johnny sings in such a serious manner, sometimes it’s actually quite frightening. They are also so grateful for the cheers and applause and after each song always thank the crowd and every now and then Johnny shouts “We’re The Drums and we love you!”

The Drums are the type of band that feed off the crowd and love nothing better than catching up with fans after the show, talking and having photos taken with them. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the conversation is, they always turn it around to….”so tell me about you.” What lovely guys!

The Drums have stopped for a break from their hectic touring schedule and haven’t said how long they’ll be on a break for however bearing in mind how much they love playing live and how much they love English crowds, it won’t be long until we see them back here soon.



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