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Not wanting to be left out of all of the Christmas cheer Coldplay have released this song:

If we’re going to be honest it’s just another Coldplay song. Now there’s nothing wrong with Coldplay, in fact we should all love a bit of Coldplay from time to time but this song is so whiney!

Leave a comment in the box if you disagree or agree. 🙂


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Christmas is never Christmas without a treat from The Killers. This year it comes in the form of single Boots which is helping to raise money for World Aids Day. Every play of this video here Starbucks will donate 5 cents to charity and you can also buy the video from itunes.

Now some people have been complaining that only Brandon Flowers features in the video thus making it a Brandon Flowers song. To be fair they have a point but bearing in mind we’re in the middle of a Killers hiatus we’re pretty lucky to get anything from the guys.

Anyway….any thoughts on the video can be put in the comments section of this post. 🙂

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So it’s currently the in thing to go solo. Everyone’s doing it from Brandon Flowers to Kele and so now it seems time to introduce to you Paul Smith, lead singer of the magnificent Maximo Park. The question is why does he need to go solo? He’s the front man of an impressive band. As with many bands, the front man is the band. Without the front man, they would be nothing. So what’s made Paul Smith think he can go without the band?

Apparently, well according to Mr Smith, it’s not a solo thing. I guess he’s concerned that Maximo fans will worry too much about the band breaking up which may I add will never happen! He said in an interview with ITN that he has been working on the album for four years without even knowing it!

Margins came out today on his Smith’s own record label and he will be touring in November and December as well as an instore at Rough Trade East this Thursday. Hopefully if Electric can make it then we will bring you what happened!

So here is the first listen to Paul Smith’s solo efforts!

It’s no Graffiti but at then end of the day, his voice is so distinctive you can’t help but love it. It seems like this is one of the slower ones on the album which makes Electric think… for the energetic ones will we see the trademark kicks and jumps or will his shows be completely different from Maximo’s? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Ok so I couldn’t resist. What a magical moment it was. Take a look.

On Youtube people are arguing with each other about who is the better band. But do we really need to compare? U2 are like marmite, you either love them or hate them but you can’t deny that they have some classic songs that will always be around. And then there’s their live shows which are incredible – just look at the la st 360 tour and the effort that went into making it work. And then there’s Muse who will no doubt eventually step into U2’s shoes but they’re still developing and growing, transforming their arena shows into massive stadium productions that leave the crowd speechless.

So really there’s no need to compare because they’re both so completely different. Plus if you noticed in that video Matt Bellamy has the biggest grin on his face – he’s happy to be there and so was I.

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After much guessing about when we would hear the first single from Flamingo and a lot of teasing on thekillersmusic.com…someone obviously found it too hard to bear, leaking Crossfire to the world. And here it is….

Hmmmm. I know you”re probably a bit dubious about this as it isn’t really what we know and love from The Killers. But it is Brandon Flowers and if you think he is a major part of the Las Vegas band. On first listen it reminded me a bit of take that – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of that..but now i’ve had the chance to really listen to it again and again, it’s a brillaint pop song that couldn’t have come at a better time. Just think, it’s festival season, the sun will be shining and everyone wants that one song that remind them of their perfect summer. Well there it is guys…crossfire by Brandon Flowers. Who knows, he may even be a special guest at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. We can only hope.

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Ok I personally love anything Jack White touches, he manages to turn it into gold. The Dead weather are pure rock and roll at it’s best. Their new album was written and recorded in about a week. This is what’s so great about them – they’re such a fresh injection into this manufactured situation we are in at the moment.

I think having Jack on drums is a good idea, for once the attention is taken away from him and given to Alison Mosshart who is such an energetic and fascinating frontwoman so much so that you can’t stop watching her when you perform live.

They’ve just announced a gig at the roundhouse and they’re also playing at Glastonbury which i’m very excited about. So enjoy!

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This is a bit of a random one that I came across about five minutes ago but it is really cute and charming. This is from Andy’s solo album last year of which the proceeds went to charity.

Andy Burrows is getting ready to release his debut album from new project ‘I am Arrows’ having just announced an instore at Rough Trade East and a couple of shows at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch.

The last Andy Burrows gig featured Edith Bowman taking the photos with Tom Smith watching. The one before that featured the Razorlight crew and Jamie Oliver making hot dogs. So yeah it would be a good one to see!

If you sign up to their mailing list you can recieve ‘Nun’ for free. 🙂

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