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So we’ve already heard crossfire which was leaked almost two months ago and now we have On The Floor. Have a listen first before you listen to Electric Shutdown’s verdict.

Ok so there are a lot of people hating it. Fair enough. I think I know why – it doesn’t sound like The Killers. But that’s the magic of Brandon Flowers going solo. Flamingo is his exploration of new areas, thoughts and feelings that we might not have seen in The Killers and because of this On The Floor is a perfect example of how Brandon’s music can differ from his band’s.

The song from the first listen sounds like Johnny Cash with a bit of  Bruce Springsteen’s ideas on America with references to dreams. The fact that it’s acoustic makes it more heartfelt and acccording to NME it’s the most religious on the album so for all of you panicking that this is going to be some mormon obsessed album – the panic is over.

All in all, a great song from the Bflo. Looking forward to Flamingo in September.


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