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This was first published on Clash Magazine’s website. 

When you think of Brighton, you think of bright sunshine, deckchairs, candy floss and walks along the pier. Tonight, however, Brighton is bracing itself with blustering winds and howling rain. It’s up to Tall Ships and We Are Scientists to use their powerful synths and comedic charm to turn this evening around.

Tall Ships are playing to a home audience, and they certainly feel at ease playing at the Concorde 2. Throughout the whole tour they’ve been getting a good reception, and tonight is no exception as the crowd applaud appreciatively and offer cries of “We love you!” between songs.

With an authentic sound of their own, Tall Ships use synths and guitars to create songs that wouldn’t be out of place in an arena capacity. The melody of ‘Books’ is so catchy that all you can see are lines of people nodding their heads along to the music throughout the room. Set highlight of the evening has to be their rendition of ‘Snow’, which sees band members exchanging instruments to create a wonderfully atmospheric composition.

As the lights dim and that well-known Dirty Dancing soundtrack ‘Time Of My Life’ starts to play, those cheeky New Yorkers We Are Scientists enter the stage dancing along. From the start it’s clear that this is going to be an entertaining show, with the band beginning their set with ‘Nice Guys’ followed by old favourite ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’. As soon as the first few notes are played, the whole venue starts jumping up and down. Chris Cain’s bass lines and Keith’s guitar riffs are infectious.

It wouldn’t be a We Are Scientists show without the typical banter that they are well known for. Tonight, Chris sports a hilarious t-shirt with the phrase “Murray Up and Get Drunk” with Keith’s head embossed in the middle. Andy seems to enjoy sitting back and watching them roll out the laughs – even he can’t help chuckling to himself.

WAS play a mixture of songs from ‘With Love and Squalor’, ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ and ‘Barbara’. Songs such as ‘This Scene is Dead’ and ‘Inaction’ get a brilliant response, as do newer songs such as ‘Jack & Ginger’ with its upbeat tempo and sing-a-long chorus.

Finishing their set with ‘After Hours’, the lyrics “Say won’t you stay” ring throughout the Concorde. With what they offer in entertainment value, the only problem is that there are not enough hours in the day for We Are Scientists shows. The only resolve is that there will be plenty more to come in the future, I’m sure.


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Keith Murray and Chris Cain are a musical duo that we’ve all come to know and love. Put them, I Am Arrows and a £5 face value ticket together and you’ve got the perfect combination for a great night out.
And so this great night out begins with competition winners Your Army who make an impact despite having just a twenty minute set.

Then things step up a notch when Andy Burrows’ new project I Am Arrows entered the stage starting with Summery favourite Nun. They play songs from their debut album ‘Sun Comes Up Again’ which was released last week. There’s a fresh feel to their album which is great to hear live. A last minute decision meant that the Brighton crowd are treated to a Tears For Fears cover of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ which is extremely well received and works really well with Burrows’ vocals. They finish with recent single Green Grass with its catchy chorus with everyone swaying along to the beat.

The Scientist Bros step onto the tiny stage and go straight into old favourites ‘Chick Lit’ and ‘Great Escape’ getting the 350 crowd jumping up and down, nodding their heads to the great guitar riffs of Keith Murray. And then the familiar banter between Keith and Chris begins….What’s the topic for today’s gig? Chilli Peppers. Yep. Bit of a strange theme for the lead in a rock band but that’s We Are Scientists for you.

During ‘After Hours’, frustrated with the lack of stage space, Keith steps off the stage and suddenly the barrier starts to move. Everyone wants to touch the Murray, everyone wants to get that perfect photo. Towards the end of the song, he raises his microphone in the air and aims it at the crowd. He may as well just stand there, there’s no need to sing at all. As he plays the final riffs and steps back onto his little stage something special is about to happen…

Andy Burrows takes his place on the drums for the last two songs ‘Jack & Ginger’ and ‘Nobody Move’. It’s clear these guys are the best of buds as at the end of the set, Keith and Chris pick up Andy and they all fall on a heap on the floor. Poor Andy, this always seems to happen to him – there’s always laughs when Keith and Chris are around.

We Are Scientists give a giant smile and say farewell to the Brighton crowd. No rest for those Scientists though as they head straight off for a DJ set in Portsmouth. Keith and Chris, possibly the busiest men in music at the moment! It won’t be soon before they’re back in November for their full UK tour.

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The new single from We Are Scientists – Rules don’t stop. Personally I love it. The song has got the old WAS style from With Love And Squalor times. It’s been over a year since we’ve heard anything from the guys and now with the promise of a new album in June, things are starting to get really exciting.

Classic WAS with the same headbopping feel. Love it.

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After playing a secret set at Camden Barfly on Sunday, We Are Scientists were ready to show everyone that they’re back in style. As the band enter the stage with special guest Andy Burrows, and go straight into new song Nice Boys, it’s clear the band are here to show us what they can do.

As well as debuting songs from next album Barbara, the guys play old favourites such as Impatience,Nobody Move and Inaction. As well as all the songs, we also see the familiar banter between Chris and Keith. At one point a member of the audience yells “get on with it!” which sees Keith reply “No Sir I think i’ll take my time thank you!” It’s a stroke of genius that gets everyone laughing and having a good time.

They continue their set with new songs Pittsburgh and I don’t bite which has a slight Franz Ferdinand guitar feel to it – which isnt a bad thing, in fact it’s an excellent track which sees Keith dance around the stage in his cute gangly style that we’re all used to and all love. It’s still quite puzzling though how he manages to see out of his amazingly long fringe – I guess it’s a talent of his!

During The Great Escape we’re treated to the pyramid of rock, WAS style. They’re clearly having as much fun as the audience are. We Are Scientists finish with After Hours. As the song draws to a Keith jumps onto Andy’s drums and well….jumps on his head. Weird but actually hillarious trying to watch them both get back up again and watching Chris Cain keep it together, still playing the bass. Impressive stuff!

With Barbra being released in June, we haven’t got too long until We Are Scientists will be back on our shores, but beware tickets will sell out fast!

Highlight of the evening: member of audience yells “Razorshite!” and Andy Burrows cheers witha big grin on his face!

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So yesterday, We Are Scientists played a secret gig at the Camden Barfly headlining after The Chapman Family as part of the NME awards shows. It was a big secret until The Chapman family hinted at their special guests on twitter saying: ” Our special guests think they’re scientists”. Hmm it didn’t take long to guess did it?!

The Chapman family played first and to be honest they weren’t my cup of tea, in fact it was somewhat a little disturbing especially the last song where the lead singer almost strangled himself with his microphone. Interesting.

Now let’s get to the important part! The clock strikes ten and WAS walk onto the tiny stage and go straight into a new song followed by Impatience. Wow the guys are on top form tonight including the banter between Keith, Chris and stand in drummer Andy Burrows who chose to relax and watch during these comedic moments.

WAS continue mixing new songs with the old favourites including newie Jack and Ginger, Rules, Great Escape, Let’s see it and Nobody Move. At one point we even get to see a version of the pyramid of rock – oh yes remember that one?!  The guys are clearly enjoying themselves up on the stage and are revelling in playing to such a small audience – the capacity is only 200!

After more banter, the band finish with After Hours claiming it to be their biggest phenomenal hit to date – not for long guys, i’m sure Barbera is going to be a quality album! WAS bid the crowd goodnight, exiting the stage. Keith stays around talking to some fans and having photos. They’re all such a bunch of lovely and super friendly guys!

Hopefully it won’t be long until the next tour is announced! Looking forward to it! 🙂

Setlist: Nice boys, Impatience, Let’s see it, Break it up, Scene is dead, Rules, I don’t bite, Great Escape, Pittsburgh, Ambition, Nobody Move, Jack and Ginger, After hours. END.

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So yesterday Electric Shutdown was invited to Andy Burrows’ recording studios to hear him rehearse songs before his first gig in Kilburn, London.

Andy seemed like such a lovely and genuine guy, to be honest his talent was wasted in Razorlight. He can sing, play drums, piano and guitar – although not all at the same time!!

The songs sounded brilliant and the last one he played was beautiful. It was such a surreal feeling. Halfway through a guy came in and Andy waved at him. He was American but I didn’t really take any notice- I was amazed by Andy.

As I leave I tell Andy that I will see him on Tuesday when he plays for We Are Scientists. He said “I guess you saw Keith was stood right behind you”. I had no idea! How crazy is that?! One of my favourite current frontmen stood right behind me and I didn’t even notice!! Oh well, i’ll have lots to report back after Tuesday!!

Andy Burrows’ album is released this June so we’ve got a while to wait yet but it’s still very exciting! I can tell you this, it’s going to be a cracker!

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The filming of Avatar 2..... no actually the video of their new single

After playing a small tour entitled ‘The Big Fucking Deal’ which I thought was a stroke of genius, Keith Murray and Chris Cain will be coming back to the UK to play a one off show as part of the NME Awards Show tour. Tickets have already gone onsale and sold out in under four minutes – very impressive guys! Hopefully they’ll add a couple of dates on to it, who knows?!

It’s bound to be a great show especially as ex Razorlight member Andy Burrows will be joining the pair to debut songs from new album Barbara which is due out in March. According to Scientistbros twitter the album is done, being mixed and they’re shooting the video for their first single – something tells me it will continue the theme of animals – surely!!

So it looks like WAS are back – thank god. They’ve been gone far too long!

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