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The Killers have always been my favourite band since I was got given Hot Fuss for Christmas at the grand age of 15. I liked it. A lot. So much so that it jumps at almost every track. I went to the shows, saw them grow into the band that they are today. Hell, I even went to Hong Kong to see them (and it got cancelled *cough*). I’ve made some of my closest friends from seeing The Killers on their Day and Age Tour. So I guess i’ve got a lot to thank the band for.

Enter talk of the hiatus. I was at V festival watching them when Brandon said those words that made every Killers fan FREAK OUT! “We’re going away for a long time but we will be back”. Personally it was a bit of a relief – my bank account had taken a bit of a hammering thanks to the Day and Age tour. But it was sad all the same.

But then…what was this?! Brandon Flowers going solo?! Never! Well he did. I liked Crossfire as a single. It worked really well. Then came along Flamingo – half of which I liked – Only The Young, Magdalena, Hard Enough and Right Behind You are really great songs. The album got some good reviews from Q and NME. So I decided to join the mass of fangirls outside Birmingham Academy and see what Brandon had to offer.

Transfer, the support act were amazing. They had that American feel to them infused with the bluesy Jack White bass lines. The crowd weren’t sure what to make of them but Transfer seemed to win them over in the end. I even bought their CD after the show I was that impressed – Go Transfer!

And now we get to the man himself. Brandon Flowers. Of course by that point in the gig I already knew his name thanks to all of the wonderful fangirls behind me screaming his name at every available point. Believe me I was not like that when I was 15 and i’m definately not like it now! And so the dude from Las Vegas came onto the stage and started with On The Floor. Beautiful. Stunning. The fact that it’s so simple and so raw makes it so perfect. Best song on the album by far. Then we’re hit with Crossfire. As I mentioned before it is a great single. Everyone here knows all of the words and all of the actions – yeah Brandon does that on his solo tour too.

But I tell you something. It felt wrong. I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like a fraud. Everyone around me was transfixed by the man himself. When he came over to me I looked at him and then felt really awkward. I suddenly had to look away. I wasn’t as into it as everyone else I guess. I actually felt like I was betraying the other three. I looked at the guitarists and I actually missed moody Mark Stoermer bobbing about with his bass, I missed Dave wearing outrageous clothes and I missed Ronnie’s winks as he looked at people in the crowd. I suddenly realised that I loved The Killers for being The Killers and not because Brandon Flowers is hot. I mean he totally is…but The Killers are a team and the fan girls have seemed to miss that.

Brandon played more songs from Flamingo including the wonderful Only The Young. I even managed to remember the actions – see there is still a bit of a fan girl left in me! Brandon grinned at me at one point. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. And then they went into Losing Touch. it was different. The band decided to shake it up. Nothing too bad about it in fact it was a bit refreshed and sounded pretty good. I was beginning to warm to the show until *shudders* they finished with When You Were Young.

As soon as the acoustic guitar came out. I knew what was happening. Great. Those chords began and I actually felt angry. In fact i’m going to confess here….. I started to cry. For all of the wrong reasons. The fangirls around took their chance in the silence to yell ” WE LOVE YOU BRANDON!!!!!!!!” which I really didn’t appreciate. They are like 15. They love their Mum and Dad not some dude in a band. Anyway so he starts to sing…and the tears stream down my face. The Killers have rarely done acoustic versions of When You Were Young but they performed it at the White House and it was so beautiful and now I see some strange bearded man sat with Brandon playing it. It felt wrong. I’m sorry but it did.

I left that gig feeling more down in the dumps than when I left. Someone told me that I should look at the gig at what it is and not what it isn’t. But let’s face it guys, in the musical world of today, if Flamingo wasn’t by the lead singer of The Killers then we wouldn’t have liked it at all. Or he would have been a one hit wonder with Crossfire…either way – not the same is it?

My conclusion tonight? Bring the Killers back. And when they do come back, i’m going to the US to see them and taking my Killers friends with me. I’ve heard there’s less fangirling over there.


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After waking up in our lovely hotel room we headed straight downstairs for a nice big German breakfast of bagels, salami, cheeses and muffins. We headed out and did a whistlestop tour of Berlin – the town hall, Brandenburg Gates, Checkpoint Charlie before ending up at possibly the biggest train station I have ever seen.. the Berlin Hauptbahnhof where for the first time we caught a train in Germany.

The train to Hamburg was about two and a half hours but the weirdest thing was that it was in compartments like something out of Harry Potter. It all was a bit strange, especially as we had to share it with other people, so there I was fast asleep with my mouth wide open and mumnbling basically being an embarrassment to myself. NICE.

We had a bit of a wander, got something to eat and headed to the venue which was again in a bit of a weird place. We Are Scientists like to take us to the classiest of places. There are a couple of people there already so we hang around and kind of queue. The doors open and the people in front of us in the queue asked if we could go in first – who knows why?!

We got where we wanted to be. Centre stage. No barrier. Lovely. Until a German photographer asked me if he could push in front to take photos for the first three songs. I said in my best German. “No way”. He didn’t like it very much at all. But hey the show must go on. Minus the bear entered the stage and did pretty much the same set as the night before. Again they were very good but the guitarist didn’t half get close to my head when he jumped around.

We Are Scientists enter the stage and start again with Dinosaurs, then I don’t Bite which is becoming really popular with the crowds almost as much as the older ones. We are then hit with Nobody Move which gets the whole crowd going really. There is a lot of banter again. I don’t think they even mean to be as funny as they are!

Keith keeps laughing and looking at something in the crowd until we see a guy with curly hair wearing a fake mustache. Keith says “Look! It’s another Chris Cain! Get this man up here. ” and he does. WAS and an extra Chris Cain play Great Escape and fake Chris gets given a bass to play so he can pretend to strum along with the band! How cool is that?!

The encore was Break it Up which is a personal favourite off of Barbara how ever I really wish they would play You Should Learn because it is clearly the best track off of Barabara. They end with Cash Cow. Perfection the the max. What a band.

We hang around at the end like we told them we would. There are a couple of annoying fan girls outside screaming their heads off. They break into the backstage area which I thought was a little much… we just hung around and waited for twenty minutes until Keith came out and declared he was coming back but just had to put some stuff on the bus.

Five minuted later and he came back, signed my poster, had another conversation until some more fans wanted some stuff signed. When he was finished with them and they’d gone he turned to us and said: “Right then mams! We’re heading inside the bar. Meet us around the other side!”  and so we did.

It was quite funny watching Keith get mobbed by people wanting to talk to him. We spent a lot of the time with Danny who was talking to us about Cats and Australia which was hillarious and then we watched him and Keith playfight pretending to be cats. Extremely surreal. And so that was the end of the evening. We bid them farewell with a hug and told them we’d see them in Brighton. Keith wished us a safe journey home and that was that. The end of the European adventure – well for now anyway. Bring on November!

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So ok you probably know by now that i’m a big We Are Scientists fan, ever since Mr Keith Murray crowdsurfed over our heads during the Arctic Monkeys at the NME awards, i’ve had a bit of a soft spot for this band. Five years later and it’s still going strong. Recently travelling to see bands has become a bit of a habit…. you know when something starts off as a joke and then it becomes reality……

Reality hit me when we set off from home to Stansted airport at two in the morning, park the car and head for the Ryanair (yes i’m a cheap person) departure area ready to head off to Berlin. Yes Berlin. Actual Germany.

Two hours later and we touch down ready to spend 24 hours in Berlin. We do the sightseeing stuff, eating at Hard Rock Cafe where (yes random things happen to us all of the time) we were kind of serenaded by the lead singer of The Script who was practising on the balcony for a television appearance.

We head to the Berlin Lido with a little time to spare, but it’s all good. The sun is shining and the RayBans are out. BAM. Doors open at eight and support band Minus the Bear are on at nine. They were pretty good actually. One of the best support acts WAS have ever had and believe me i’ve seen a mixture of good and bad ones.Mostly bad ones. Sorry guys.  The crowd really like Minus the Bear a lot and they thank us for being so lovely.

But now it’s time for what I got the plane for. My beloved We Are Scientists. Tonight they’re doing a small show to 400 people. I’m sat on the stage in between breaks  – the place is that small and by the time they come on the place is rammed to the max. If i’m being honest everything’s a bit of a blur. It’s so much fun watching that band that sometimes it’s hard to remember what songs were even played. I can tell you that they started with Dinosaurs which I thought was a bit of a strange one – never seen that done before! Then they went straight into I don’t Bite before doing some old stuff like Scene is Dead and then some stuff off Barbara like Jack and Ginger and Pittsburgh. Lots of banter. A hell of a lot of banter. They are so good at that kind off stuff it’s all part of the performance. They ended with After Hours and then a shocker Cash Cow which actually works really well at the end of the setlist. What a show though. Seriously. Those guys know how to create the best hour and twenty minute show that will blow your mind. Wow.

So after having our minds blown we decide to hang around and say hello. Well we didn’t need to. Keith came up to me and said “Hello! How are you?!!” something which made me laugh. The thing is with these guys is that they are so nice – pardon the pun and so easy to talk to that you could be there forever! I think we were there for like twenty minutes to half an hour. We told him that we’d been to Hard Rock Cafe and he gave us the BIGGEST lecture on eating from a chain. Apparently when you’re in Berlin you don’t eat from a chain. Well that’s the words of Keith Murray obviously. He told us that he expected better from us. Sorry Keith! After several more random conversations and a big hug we bid them farewell and tell them that we’ll see them tomorrow. In which they replied “safe trip to Hamburg! See you tomorrow!”

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We all have twitter, it’s powerful force of letting each other know what we’re doing 24/7. Well the truth is sometimes it can be really handy, in this case I logged in and had the page running for about twenty minutes when a tweet came up from the Scissor Sisters informing people of how to get free tickets to the filming of a special show at ITV studios. A week later and I find myself stood outside ITV studios waiting for the band to arrive. Twitter, a powerful thing isn’t it?!

So there I am, looking rather glamorous, as asked by ITV and the band, stood outside ITV studios on the South Bank. I was asked to attend the show early so that I am able to speak to the band and take photos. Scissor Sisters arrive twenty five minutes late but come along and say hello to everyone outside and I get a lovely polaroid of Ana who loved my camera. In fact she said so herself!

The audience are then let into the studios which have been decorated in true Scissor Sisters style with lots of glitter, mirrorballs basically enough to have a big fat party with. Isn’t that what Scissor Sisters shows are about anyway?!

And so there is a lot of talking to the audience and getting them to scream and chant before FINALLY an hour later the band enter the stage and go straight into the first single off Night Work ‘Fire with Fire’.  I’ve always thought Scissor Sisters to be a guilty pleasure of mine, but  you know what I am about to shout this loud and proud. I love this band. If you’re feeling rubbish or just want to dance around a bit there is nothing like a bit of Night Work or I don’t Feel Like Dancing.

They seemed to do a lot of famous stuff first like Take Your Mamma Out which went down extremely well with the crowd along with newer songs such as Any Which Way which is a personal fabourite of mine after the itunes show they did. There’s actions to the songs and everything and all of the regular punters do it in perfect time with Jake and Ana. NICE.  The one problem with going to a filming, or upside I guess, is that the producers and filmers decide if the band have to play the song again. There were a couple of restarts which meant that we got to witness a couple of songs twice as well as having the banter between Ana and the crowd. The best bit being about them performing on Jools Holland along with Brandon Flowers. When talking about Scissor Sisters’ backing vocalists Jake Shears said: ” Our singers’s could kick Brandon Flowers’ ass”. Which is actually true. Seriously. They’re awful.

After a couple of costume changes and restarts, the band start their last section of the show where they invite a special guest onto the stage. I was hoping for Elton. I really was or if not then Kylie would do. Let’s face it, Scissor Sisters are great friends with these people. Who was it? Sir Ian McKellen? Like seriously? Actuall it was great, he came on the stage mid song and used all of these sayings from films he had been in, ending with “You shall not pass!” while Jake and Ana danced on the stage. I wish I had some photos but it wasn’t allowed!

And so the night ends with I don’t feel like dancin’ which is such a great dance track. Love it. The band give it their all and a decision is made to end the show. Wow. What a great band and super friendly too. What a great free night out. Cheers Scissor Sisters and cheers Twitter! I’ll be checking you more often now!

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Yep you heard me. The Scissor Sisters. I have no shame in declaring I went to see the Scissor Sisters and it was AMAZING. A couple of days before a friend of mine won two tickets to the opening night of the itunes festival. I have to admit I was actually going for the support act – The Drums who I think are brilliant. But Scissor Sisters surprised me big time.

Let’s start off with The Drums who played pretty much their whole album to the roundhouse crowd. They are such sweet guys saying “thank you and we love you” after every song. It makes your heart warm doesn’t it?! They played some of my favourites including ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Let’s go surfing’ which is one of my favourite sogs at thew moment. They even did the actions too! Ana Matronic came on for one song which got the whole crowd screaming. Later on into their set she declared she loved those home boys. Bless.

And then Scissor Sisters came onstage and everything stepped up a notch. They played a lot of new songs from their third album Night Work including brilliant song ‘Any which way’ and new single ‘Fire with Fire’ which is such a  great pop track. The crowd loved them including special guest Elton John who was watching from the seated area above the floor. The band dedicated ‘I don’t feel like dancin’ to him. One of the best things about the show was in fact the live set and the outfits. Jake Shears outfits were getting more and more contraversial as the show went on. As you can see in the photo opposite! Ana Matronic is the type of person you really want to get to know because she seems so lovely and cool and I have to say is a great dancer. Jake is a great frontman as he’s got the energy to entertain the crowd.

They did a fab encore consisting of ‘Comfortably Numb’ a couple of new songs and then ‘Filthy Gorgeous’  in which they released confetti and ticker tape into the crowd. It even had fake dollar bills in it with the Night Work logo. AMAZING. What a brilliant night. None of us wanted the party to stop!

Thank you Scissor Sisters! 🙂

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After much guessing about when we would hear the first single from Flamingo and a lot of teasing on thekillersmusic.com…someone obviously found it too hard to bear, leaking Crossfire to the world. And here it is….

Hmmmm. I know you”re probably a bit dubious about this as it isn’t really what we know and love from The Killers. But it is Brandon Flowers and if you think he is a major part of the Las Vegas band. On first listen it reminded me a bit of take that – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of that..but now i’ve had the chance to really listen to it again and again, it’s a brillaint pop song that couldn’t have come at a better time. Just think, it’s festival season, the sun will be shining and everyone wants that one song that remind them of their perfect summer. Well there it is guys…crossfire by Brandon Flowers. Who knows, he may even be a special guest at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. We can only hope.

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I was really excited about this gig as it was only my second photo pass event and the first time with my new camera – a nikon D5000 which I adore to bits.

There was a bit of confusion about what I did with my camera in between shooting but that was all sorted out by the staff who showed me where I needed to go.

Paul Dempsey was the support act and it was a little dark photo wise but I still enjoyed it. He was onstage alone with his acoustic guitar which was brave but the crowd seemed to really love him.

Eskimo Joe enter the stage at 9.15 at i’m ready to start taking photos. I am so excited about it becase everything is going to plan this time. The camera is charged, I’ve got space for 200 photos on my emory card and it was my first ever Eskimo Joe gig. They came onto a song from newest album Inshalla which sounded really good.

They then went into New York which was unbelieveable. I was there tapping my feet and singing so much so that when I was taking photos of the bassist he decided to kneel down right in front of me and let me take as many photos of him as I wanted. So thanks dude that was awesome!

My three songs came to an end pretty quickly. I went and dropped my camera off by the stage door and went to watch the rest of the show. Highlight of the night was probably London Bombs where we were given an explanation of why they pronounce Thames wrong and their last gig in London. genuinelly nice and funny aussies – although you wouldn’t really expect anything less.

The night comes to an end and I head back on the tube looking at my photos. They were not bad. Oh and by the way my Nikon has been named EJ after it’s first gig! Nice idea I thought! Here’s to more photo passes to come! 🙂

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