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It’s a Sunday and we started our journey from Brighton to Cardiff. This time the sun began to shine and good music was played. Nothing like a bit of Raconteurs on a road trip!

We started queuing at around four just to make sure we’d be at the front especially as there was seven of us that needed to get on the barrier. Yep, this show I had some good gigging friends of mine coming with us. Ed walked past so we got to meet him and he signed some stuff. What a nice guy, but incredibly short.

It didn’t take long for it to get to seven and the doors were opened. I had a spot in front of Tom, a little closer to Chris. Nice. 

Same support acts again, Strange Death Of Liberal England and Cold Cave – they’d turned down the bass tonight. Thank god. Still, I felt myself warming to Cold Cave a little, only a little bit though, they just seemed incredibly moody for no apparent reason. Chris picked them when he heard them on the radio in America, apparently they’re pretty big over there.

Editors come on stage at quarter past nine and start with On This Light and On This Evening. The crowd are a bit calmer compared to last night and Bournemouth, so much so that it’s a little disappointing. But hey, the show goes on and Editors put a good one on at that.

Favourite part of the night when one of my friends who loves the boxer yells out with no fear…”Tom, Tom play The Boxer please??! ” The funniest bit was that he actually smiled and laughed….but carried on to another song.

No Sound But The Wind was again extremely beautiful and I’m so glad that they’ve added it on the tour and the original one at that. Encore got the crowd going especially Papillion. I seriously love that beat, it gets everyone going and when I listen to it on my ipod I feel myself singing in the middle of the street. Seriously not cool, especially in London.

It all ends with Fingers in the Factories and a part of me felt really sad. One left to go and it’s almost over. I guess all good things never last. Or at least I believed that until after the show…

Roadie had yet another drum for me although he got a little enthusiastic with his throwing and it went somewhere way behind us. So if you have a drum skin that has Sophie written on it, you know who it belongs to alright!!

We all wanted to see if we could meet the rest of the band after our little meeting with Ed earlier and we did. Russell, Ed and Chris came out first. I found myself stood next to Chris with his arms around me. Yep. I liked that a lot. big Urbanowicz fan. Tom eventually came out and was extremely sweet telling us he’s be back in 2 minutes and he was. We had a picture and he signed some stuff and he apologised for the lack of The Boxer. Sweet guy.

And that was the end of that, eat some Lola’s cupcakes, got in the car and headed home. What a great weekend.


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