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I haven’t blogged in ages. Shame on me. So here are a couple of things Electric is either loving or thinking a lot about at the moment.

Obviously the return of White Lies:

So we’ve all seen this now i’m guessing. It’s a little bit weird isn’t it? I mean Harry McVeigh pulls out a girl from a chocolate bar? I always knew that guy was weird.

The return of The Killers:

The Killers have announced that they are playing a one off show at Ischgl  – a skiing resort in Austria. Other people who have played there have been Elton John and er The Stereophonics. It seems fairly pricey if you want to go – the concert is free but you have to buy some kind of ski lift pass.

And this leads me on to my other moan and groan. SORRY. HERE GOES. The band are obviously being paid a serious amount of money for this bearing in mind they’re playing the top of a mountain in Austria while they’re meant to be having a break from music. They’ve rejected other offers and are currently still taking their break.

It just seems a little unfair that people in Asia will have to probably wait a good couple of years more after having the tour cancelled last year while people who can flash their cash will get to see this supergroup perform while on a supposed hiatus. So many people in Asia were so excited that The Killers were coming and playing in their city last year and were devastated when it was cancelled. They were promised a rescheduled tour but it never happened. Come on guys…..think about your fans.

THERE. RANT. OVER. Who knows maybe they’ll remember how much they love playing live and decide to come back a little sooner than expected. We can only hope.


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So Electric has decided that it’s time to bring out the best of 2010 stuff. Yes I can hear you sighing now. So let’s start off with the most exciting one – best discovery of 2010.

Well. Brandon Flowers toured the UK earlier this year and supporting him was Transfer. To most people they were unknown until they started to play and quite honestly they stole my heart. They may have actually been better than the big man himself. Yes I did just say that.

Transfer have been gaining a lot of publicity recently after featuring in Q magazine and they were even in the Sunday Times this weekend! Having only just released single Losing Composure it must be a bit daunting for the band. However they’re taking it in their stride and will be touring the UK with the Bravery after their European tour with White Lies. Impressive, non?!

They’re a very American band with their smooth bass lines, lovely vocals and tunes you want to tap your feet insanely to. So why don’t you watch a video and see why they’re so great!

They’ve been mentioned as one of the bands of 2011. You should watch out for these guys.

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