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SXSW festival is well under way with performances from Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. But the most talked about event will surely be the unannounced appearance of Jack White.

The former White Stripes front man and founder of Third Man Records brought his pop up shop to the festival in Austin, Texas. Not only did he bring his retail goods, he also did a two song performance before the store opened. He performed a cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Not Fade away’ before playing an old White Stripes song, ‘Dead leaves and the dirty ground’. Not going to lie. Kind of makes me miss the White Stripes rather a lot.

He was later followed by Seasick Steve who has just signed a one record deal with Third Man.

All I can say is that those attendees of the show were extremely lucky indeed!


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Yes, it’s finally come, The White Stripes will be releasing “Under Great White Northern Lights” in the UK. It will be released on DVD in March after cinema previews before the 16th of March. Go onto the band’s website for a full listing of cinemas showing the film.

It should be an excellent watch, focusing on the pair’s travels across Canada from playing a bus to major concert venues. It’s a raw film that also shows the close relationship between the pair and hopefully will answer a couple of questions we’ve been wondering for a while. It does make you feel a little sad though, that it’s very unlikely that the pair will ever come to the UK again…I guess we’ll have the DVD to watch to keep us occupied.

I’m about to book London and Cardiff tickets – why buy the DVD when you can watch it on the big screen with better sound?! Hurry up though, tickets are bound to sell out quick.

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Ok, so ‘It Might Get Loud’ has been out for a while but it seems to be a bit of a hidden gem. The documentary/ film features three guitar legends – in a way a past, present and future. Led Zepplin guitar player Jimmy Page, U2 guitarist The Edge and White Stripes frontman Jack White all meet together to talk about guitars.

Even though the film is about guitars, it’s so interesting to see what got these guys interested in music in the first place. Personally I find Jack White to be a strange, haunting character but also the most fascinating person ever, with his softly spoken voice being such a contrast from the confident guitar sounds we’re used to from him.

Of course we have to mention Jimmy Page, when he starts those chords, you see Edge and White’s faces light up in astonishment – even they are in awe and that’s saying something.

The Edge shows us how U2 started as a band and takes it back to their home roots. It really is a fascinating piece of cinema, from the Edge playing on the beach in Dublin to Jack White building his own guitar on his porch – what a talent.
We are even treated to live footage of all three playing with their band members which proves how legendary these guys really are.

This is definately a film that music lovers have to watch. It’s a great way to be introduced to your legends without actually meeting them, it’s like being told a secret from the three. Brilliant.

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